In-House Whitening
You can achieve a brighter smile in one short visit! The process is very easy and straight forward. Your appointment will involve a few simple steps including protection of your gums from the bleaching gel and the bleaching application. It's good to have a free consultation with our doctor before you complete in-office whitening to make sure you get ideal results! Call us to ask about more details and pricing.
Take-Home Whitening
A popular option for many of our patients, take home whitening is safe, easy and simple to complete comfortably at home. We make custom trays from molds of your teeth to maximize the usability of our take home whitening gel. Call us to ask about more details and pricing.
Want that smile you've always dreamed of? With our Invisalign services, you can get that with just a few visits! Invisalign serves as an alternative to traditional braces, a clear retainer that will slowly move your teeth into the right position. We offer free Invisalign consultations after which we will custom design your Invisalign so that you can get that picture perfect smile!
Veneers can transform your smile in just a few short appointments. They can replace chipped or broken teeth, instantly straighten teeth and also instantly brighten a smile to the exact shade you desire! We use a local labs and custom shade matches to create your ideal smile. Call our office for free consultation.