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We provide all general dental services


We provide Regular dental cleanings
You'll love the way your smile feels after a thorough cleaning from out trained professionals. We use the latest in ultrasonic technology so your teeth feel squeaky clean for days after. We will show you how to maintain your smile with brushing and flossing at home.
We offer digital X-rays
Digital X-Rays
We offer digital X-ray services in both our offices. This advanced technology uses digital X-ray sensors to capture the images, making them more time efficient than traditional X-rays. They also have 80-90% less radiation and produce higher quality digital images. 
We provide Fluoride Treatment for kids
Fluoride Treatment
For children fluoride treatment is the most effective way to strengthen the teeth and prevent cavities. Fluoride helps to strengthen the enamel, there by preventing cavities. Fluoride treatment is done with foam in  special trays or as varnish applied on the tops of the tooth. You are not allowed to eat for half an hour following this treatment. 
We treat Dental Emergencies

Emergency care is only a phone call away. Our doctor is very familiar with root canals, urgent care situations and emergency cosmetic work for chipped or broken teeth. We can always help you with a dental emergency - same day appointments are guaranteed.

We take care of dental needs for kids

Comfort Dental does little smiles too! We can meet your entire family's dental needs here. We see children of all ages! Evening and weekend appointments are popular for kids as well as adults because there is no hassle of missing school or work. If you have any questions or concerns about your child's dental health please call us.

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